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Paper towel packing bag series
Special-shaped bag
Arm in arm bag series
Zipper bag,Bone bag series
oppCard head bag series
Courier bag series
Thermal insulation bag series
Packing tape and stretch film series
Color printing since the dust bag series
The organ bag series
Compound bag series
Draw string bag series
Environmental protection film contraction bag and tag series
The pillow bags
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Dongguan golden packaging products co., LTD

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      Dongguan golden packaging is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging material,Main all kinds ofTransparentPEBagsBubble bagSealing gluePacking tapePearl cottonVacuum packing bagColor printingPacking bag,In a variety ofPO,PE,PP,OPP,PPE,PVCAs the raw materialThe plastic bagHeat shrinkable bagsStretch filmBubble bagOrdinary pearl cottonSpecial molding pearl cotton;Color box、The color card、The cartons、Cardboard and other paper products packaging products;Packing tape、Crepe paper、Double-sided adhesive、Emulsion and various kinds of special adhesive tape;Food packaging bags、Commodity packaging bags and all kinds of special composite packaging products”。Dongguan golden packaging products co., LTD with advanced equipment,The design of the high quality talented person,Advanced management system integration company。Dongguan golden packaging products co., LTD. Is founded2008Years。Starting from the date of the factory“Quality first”“The customer is supreme”“Strive for perfection”The service guidelines and“Grasp the quality strives for the survival”、“Grasp the technology and development”、“Management efficiency”Is the management idea...[The detailed information]
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·1-6In China's primary form of plastic
·The most commonly used plastic film material——
·Oil prices soared_Geogrid of the raw material
·Chocolate packaging bags with what material
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Products sell like hot cakes
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